Our Expert PCQI Management Team

US Import Agent, Inc. is led by an internationally experienced team of PCQI (Preventive Controls Qualified Individuals) and FDA food safety compliance legal experts, each with decades of experience.

Leonardo Natale - CEO, PCQI, FSVP

An experienced FSVP Agent expert with PCQI and FSVP certification, a native Italian, and importer of food products into the USA, Leonardo Natale is US Import Agent's Chief Executive Officer. He has helped dozens of food businesses successfully comply with US FDA requirements and is responsible for ensuring that all clients receive the US based representation required to be in compliance with FDA rules and regulations. See profile here.

James Flynn - CTO, PCQI

Our Chief Technical Officer, James Flynn has 25 years’ HACCP, food safety consultancy and software development experience. He is the creator of the 3iVerify solution and has strong innovation and development experience, in addition to being a qualified PCQI, James runs the technology behind US Import Agent's systems. His goal is to ensure that clients receive a fast and efficient service and that all records are available for FDA in the event of an inspection. See profile here.

Jennifer Crandall - COO, PCQI, FSVP

Our Chief Operations Officer, Jennifer Crandall, has 20 years’ experience in the food industry with over 12 years managing supplier food safety compliance for one of the USA's largest grocery chains. Also a certified PCQI and FSVP consultant, Jennifer's experience gives her a very strong understanding of US food supply chain market needs. She oversees and executes US Import Agent's PCQI network resources to ensure that our clients have the correct food category experience to effectively assess food safety in compliance with US FDA laws. See profile here.

Stanley Underwood North III - CLO

Stan is US Import Agent's Chief Legal Officer and a highly experienced international lawyer with decades of a compliance experience in food, life sciences and general US import law. Stan's connections at FDA and in the Customs Broker community ensures that US Import Agent always has the inside track when dealing with FDA detentions and refusals. See profile here.

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